You can’t score goals if you don’t have the ball. Tackling is a core skill of the game and we show you the best methods of coaching it. The slide tackle, block tackle and poke tackle are all examined. We look at the techniques involved to make sure that your players tackle legally and safely. We also provide some games and exercises to help you coach tackling to your players.

  • Tackling to Win - Tackling is an essential skill every player - not just defenders - should execute correctly, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

  • How To Coach The Tackle Of Last Resort - In the second and final part of our focus on tackling we look at a skill that should only be used in an emergency - the slide tackle.

  • How to Keep Attackers at Bay - When your defender is the last man, if he jumps into a tackle and doesn't win it, the attacker is through on goal. So, you need to teach your players ways to hold up an opponent until help arrives, says David Clarke.

  • The slide tackle - The ground at the weekend was very soft due to all the recent rain, so it was perfect for players to do slide tackles. They love it, but I'm sure the mums watching must have been thinking about their laundry quota going up!

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