Where to Find the Best Bargains

It is often the case that we want to look for bargains so that we can spend less. We might want to send less money so that we do not have to borrow money or because we want to save some money or to get more things for our money. However, bargain hunting may not be as easy as we think. There are places we could try, but we need to be careful that we are not led to believe things are cheap when they may still be cheaper elsewhere.

Charity shops

You would tend to assume that if you went into a charity shop and bought anything that it would be the cheapest place to buy that item. However, the first thing to note is that sometimes not all items are second hand. They might sell new items as well and these will be priced at normal prices so you might be able to get these cheaper elsewhere. You may also find that even some of the second hand items might be cheaper elsewhere. For example, there might be an item of clothing that is a much lower price than you could buy it new, but because of the brand, it might be cheaper to buy a new item of clothing for less money from a cheaper brand. You may also find that they sometimes have items priced more highly because they are antiquarian or vintage.

Cheap shops

Some shops are known as being cheaper than others. They advertise themselves as being cheaper and overall their prices tend to be lower. However, it is worth being cautious when shopping at this sort of place. Sometimes the reason that the items are cheaper is because you are not buying so much or the quality is not so good. It has even been found that some of the items might be fake. It is wise to make sure that you do not just shop there because you assume the items are cheap, but you compare the prices and make sure that you are condiment that you are paying less for them.


You would be forgiven for assuming that if you see items on sale then you will save money. You will think that as they are reduced then they will cost you less than they would have cost at full price. Of course, this is correct and it can be a great way to save money. However, there could also be problems with this. Many of us can be tempted to buy things because they are on sale and we can see that they are cheaper so feel that they will be saving us money. However, we only save money if we buy something we were going to buy anyway and it is cheaper. If we buy something we did not need or want, then it is not cheaper, as if we did not buy it, we would have spent nothing on it. So try not to be tempted to buy ‘bargains’ just because they are cheap but buy things cheaper if you were going to buy them anyway and then you will save money.


Sometimes buying online can be cheaper than buying in shops. There are varying reasons for this but it can mean that it is worth comparing prices from online products compared with high street shops. Of course, the decline in high streets is due to more and more people shopping online, which could mean that you will risk the closure of your local shops if you do this. You may not mind of course; it depends on whether you feel that saving the money is more important. Do make sure you account or the postage though. If you can walk to a shop and buy the item then it might cost less than if you buy it at a cheaper ticket price online but have to pay postage. Look at this carefully before you buy.

So, it is wise to be very careful when shopping. The places that would seem to have the very best bargains can sometimes be misleading. Make sure that you do compare the quantity and quality as well as the price to ensure you are comparing like for like when deciding which is the cheapest. Also try to make sure that you are not tempted to buy things just because they look like great bargains. We can easily be fooled by this and we need to stay focussed on making sure that we are only buying the things that we really need and not using the fact that things are cheap as an excuse to spend more money than we can afford. It is tricky, but if you make sure that you are focussed on buying what you need and still compare prices with other retailers even if you think you have found the cheapest, this should help.

How to Keep House Maintenance Costs Down

If you own your own home then you will be responsible for maintaining it. This means that you will need to not only pay for it to be decorated and renovated but if there are ant repairs that need doing, you will need to sort those out as well. These costs can really add up, but there are things that you can do to keep them lower.

Get a good insurance

If something happens where your house needs repairing after it was damage in a storm, flood or fire then the cost of repairing can be very high. If you make sure you have insurance that will cover for this sort of thing that that will really help in this situation. It is important to make sure that the insurance covers for everything you need though. You may want it to cover for accidental damage to the property as well, which will enable you to be able to claim for more events. It is worth checking the policy and being clear with what it does and does not cover so that you can make sure that you are happy with it. There are lots of insurance companies so compare them and choose the one that will give you the best value for money.

Decorate in classic colours and styles

When you decorate your property use classic styles and colours rather than ones that are on-trend. This means that they will not go out of date so quickly and so you will not need to redo it do soon. Try to use paint and other items that are good quality and can be easily cleaned and do not chip. These will be more expensive but will mean that you will not have to redo the work so often. So, try to go for quality and hope that it will last you a nice long time. However, if you are the type of person that will quickly get bored and want to change colours, then perhaps do a features wall that you can change the colour of and keep the rest the same or change a few accessories to blend in. That will be cheaper than changing everything.

Keep up basic maintenance so it doesn’t get worse

If you have small areas that need repairing then try to get that done rather than leaving it. Although it will cost money, it will not cost as much as if you leave it and it gets much worse. If you repair a small crack in the plaster it will not cost as much as leaving it and waiting a few years until a huge amount of plaster falls off and you have to replace lots more. It can be easy to try to ignore problems if you do not have much money to do anything about it, but a small amount of damage can be fixed but if it gets really bad then you might need a major repair which will cause a lot more disruption and cost a significantly larger amount of money.

Use quality tradesmen

When you get people in to do work for you, make sure that they can do good quality work. If you get someone that does not do a good job you may need to get it done again quickly. This will not be easy as it is not always that simple to know what a tradesman is like until you have tried them out. Do ask people who live near you though and they will be able to let you know whether they have tried anyone out and if they can recommend them. You could also look at websites that provide reviews of traders and see if you can find any local ones that way.

Buy a house that will not need work

You may find that some houses will need a lot more work than others. This could be to do with the age of the house, with older ones needing more work. You will also find that a larger house will need more doing with it just because it is bigger and there is therefore more chance of something needing doing. Therefore, if your repairs are costing you loads, rather than having to keep getting loans to pay for the work, consider moving to a house that will not cost you so much. Get a good survey before you move in as this will identify any major problems that could mean that the house will need a lot of money spending on it.

The other way to save money on this is to not own a house but to rent one. This will mean that any repairs and redecoration will be the responsibility of your landlord rather than yourself. This will save you money on repairs but you might feel that the advantages of owning a house are worth it and so you are prepared to compromise on this.